The Complete Guide To Packing When Travelling With A Baby

We recently embarked on a mini road-trip around Florida. It’s hard enough packing for a baby when staying in one place, but when you’re travelling around, it’s even harder.

Suffice to say we did it and survived! So I thought I’d compile a list of how exactly to pack, the order in which to do it, and everything you need.

Take into account that I am allowing for two adults and one baby. If there are more of you, add more bags accordingly.

1. Organise your hand luggage. Most airlines allow a carry-on bag for each adult, and a change bag for a baby. These should be packed first. I would advise that you take your usual baby change bag, a small hand-luggage wheelie suitcase, and a backpack.
In the change bag you need:
– Enough nappies for any eventuality (i.e. delays) and nappy sacks
– A full pack of wipes (you’ll need these to clean the plane change table, your baby’s hands and face, spillages (of which there may be a few!) and a range of other things as well as for nappy changes.
– Fold-up changing mat. Trust me, you won’t want to put your baby directly onto the plane changing tables without a barrier!
– Three clothes changes including trousers, shorts, tshirts, long sleeves, vests and socks, and a spare zip-up or cardigan.
– Muslins or comforters. Some babies need them for comfort – you may need them when feeding if baby is still young, and large muslins are good for covering up if you are breastfeeding.
– Bottles, formula or other milk. You can take more than 100ml of liquid only if it is for baby’s milk and they check it at security. We use almond milk and we poured it ready into each of our four bottles before we left so it was ready. If taking formula, make sure you have enough portions measured out.
– Plasters, arnica and anything else you usually use for ‘first aid’. (I take a homeopathic first aid kit with me everywhere). This should include nappy creams or any other creams or oils you may need.
– Snooze Shade. Great for putting over the buggy if baby needs to sleep but the airport is too distracting.
– Baby…

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