The Best Subscription Boxes For Valentine's Day: From Makeup To Food

Valentine’s Day can be a difficult one to navigate – some people don’t want to go too grandiose, but equally you probably want to avoid just going out and panic-buying a teddy.

Subscription boxes offer a great alternative for those looking for a more personalised gift. You can get them for pretty much any product these days – from cheese to chocolate, makeup to beard oil and flowers to books.

Here’s our pick of the best ones to buy.

Beautiful Bunch

Bloom & Wild

Bloom & Wild craft some truly beautiful floral arrangements and, as if that isn’t enough to pique your interest, plenty of their bouquets come in a shallow, rectangular box which squeezes right through the letterbox.

You can buy flowers regularly through a subscription service so the romance isn’t just limited to 14 February. Prices start at just £18 per bouquet, including free delivery, and you can choose how long you send them for. 

Check out the subscription options here.


Say Cheese!

Cheese Shed

The Cheese Shed offers various cheese subscriptions to tailor to all tastes and needs: whether you’re pregnant, vegetarian or have an aversion to goat’s cheese. The cheapest box contains three types of cheese (roughly 600g) which is delivered monthly for £23.49, including delivery.

Check out the subscription options here.



Swole Panda

Socks might not be the most romantic of gifts but they are incredibly useful – and it’s not something you tend to want to splash your own cash on. This sock subscription from Swole Panda sends out one pair of luxury socks each month for a tenner. Or if you fancy subscribing for a year you get one month free.

Each pair is knitted from a unique bamboo blend and they come with a reinforced heel and toe, as well as hand linked seams for added comfort. 

Check out the subscription options here.


Eco Treat 

Authentic House

There’s even a subscription box for those who are mindful about their impact on the environment. Authentic House sends a monthly box to subscribers,…

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