'The Apprentice' Viewers Call Out Contestant's Sexist Comments About Female Team

’The Apprentice’ returned with its usual mix of hapless contestants and ridiculous one-liners on Wednesday night, but viewers were not impressed to see some good old fashioned sexism thrown in to its debut episode. 

One of the new candidates came under fire from fans of the business-based reality show after he made some disparaging remarks about the female contestants. 


Rick Monk made some sexist comments during The Apprentice’s first episode

After they were set their first challenge – the classic treasure hunt task – Rick Monk told his male team mates: “These girls have no chance of winning this first task.

“They’re gonna be fashion-conscious, ‘oh my make-up’s running’, doing their hair. The boys on tour. We’re definitely going to wipe the floor with them.”

Viewers quickly flooded social media to call him out for relying on tired old tropes to motivate the team. 

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