Tamoxifen Side Effects Explained As 6 In 7 Women Say They Don't Use Drug For Breast Cancer Prevention

Six in seven women at risk of breast cancer are opting out of taking a preventative drug called tamoxifen, a new study has found.

Researchers said there were three main factors for why they avoided the drug: fear of side effects, distrust of medication in general and believing cancer was down to fate.

Previous research found those at increased risk of the disease had a reduced risk of around a third after taking the drug, which led to its approval for  prevention. But what else do we know about it?

luchschen via Getty Images
Stock image. Tamoxifen not pictured.

A new study funded by Cancer Research UK and published in Breast Cancer Research and Treatment asked 258 healthy but ‘at risk’ women across England whether they had agreed to take the drug to help prevent breast cancer developing. Researchers also interviewed 16 women to identify what influenced their decision to take it.

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