‘Sweety Toys 5062 Lampadaire cheval peluche cheval Chocolate “My Little Pony avec fonction son cheval au galop et gewieher, selle et, Étrier, Toys Sweety

‘My Little Pony is a very good stand Horse very complex design, with a saddle and stirrups very high quality, very robust and stand – Chocolate Colour With A Dark mane and dark tail Horses Galloping’s print and Gewieher there is a permanent smile of the child is guaranteed to be my little pony really is a dream and every child will be a long way companion. The money catches all parents and as well as well as the grandparents that is just as a horse early wünschten. A brown horse with fur – the horse is soft with me, made to the highest quality/with saddle, high-quality snaffle – -Raised Horse delivered assembled dimensions: Height approx. 60 cm Includes mane, Width: Approx. 21 cm saddle height: approx. 36 cm Ideal for children over 3 years old Max. load/load capacity approx. 70 kg – can be used only under the supervision of an adult non-allergenic flame retardant does not support depth diving such as being used for children under the age of 3 years Adjustable Cell Batteries EAN Barcode: 4035874005062 in box contentsMy Little Pony colour Chocolate Brown, very elegant, function The “and Gewieher
Very high stability, 70 kg, Girlhood Dreams
Very lavishly made, with high-quality saddle stirrups
Height approximately 60 cm, nut Height: 36 cm; Width approximately 21 cm
Flame-retardant, antiallergisch

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