SURDOCA Baby Diaper Caddy Organiser-Portable Nappy Changing Nursery Caddy bag, Wipes Bag, Baby Shower Gift Basket, Felt, Soft Artificial Leather Handle, Multipurpose Basket, grey and pink

Why choose SURDOCA Diaper Organiser ?

☞ More quality and skin-friendly

Based on user feedback from the first generation, we changed the single-layer felt to a double layer and added an extra four sidebands to keep the shape of the bag even if it was not completely filled. We chose a soft artificial leather handle for animal protection and more skin-friendly feel.

☞ More capacity

13 x 9 x 7inch big size with 3 compartments inside and 8 outside pockets, SURDOCA caddy organizer is surely large enough to hold a week’s usage of even two babies’ items such as wipes, diapers, changing pads, nail clippers, breast pumps, bibs, burp cloths, pacifier clips. With a long, soft handle, you can easily take it upstairs or downstairs, even if your baby is in your hand.

☞ More fashionable

We selected this special and beautiful pink from 2,000 different colors to bring it closer to the latest release of the 2019 PANTONE Annual Colors, elegant-grey and vibrant-pink two-layer felt material that makes the bag look good and stylish.

☞ More use features

SURDOCA portable caddy organiser can be used as diaper caddy or nursery storage basket for changing, car organizer, breast pump storage basket, books and toys box for baby, or even underwear storage box in your living room.

☞ More eco-friendly

Our caddy organiser contains 100% natural felt material. When it breaks, you can use it as a flower pot. The felt will degrade into pieces within 4-6 months, which is harmless to soil and groundwater.

♥ Just Click “Add To Cart” and order it today.MULTIFUNCTIONAL CADDY ORGANISER/ It can be used as nappy caddy organiser or baby nursery organiser for Changing table and car, and toy or book storage basket, it’s a perfect baby shower gift.
DOUBLE LAYERS FELT & SOFT ARTIFICIAL LEATHER/ Our sturdy diaper caddy is made up of two felt fabric layers with two artificial leather handles, compared with the single layer felt the double one will increase load capacity by 60% and keep the bag straight even when it is not completely filled. It features a stylish grey and pink colour contrast design. The four extra side bands make it harder to get dirty.
LARGE CAPACITY &VERY HANDY/ At 13 x 9 x 7 inches the caddy is perfectly sized with 3 compartments inside and 8 on the outside. The SURDOCA nappy caddy is perfect for storing and organising all your baby supplies such as wipes, diapers, changing pads, nail clippers, breast pumps, bibs, burp cloths. You can use it for 2 kids at the same time. With a long soft handle, you can easily carry the bag at the same time as you carry your child.
VERSATILITY&LONG SERVICE LIFETIME/ With multiple compartments and large capacity, you can divide into 3 or less sections with two handy velcro insert, and use it as a large tote for books, toy bin, underwear storage bag and car organiser to make your house and car tidy and clean,This is an unbelievable long service lifetime and really a must-have product for all mothers.
GREAT GIFT CHOICE/ Stylish design, high-quality craftsmanship, skin-friendly material and cost-effective price make our SURDOCA multi-functional caddy organiser a great choice for a baby shower gift.

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