Super Soft Premium Quality Women’s Disposable Cotton Briefs (5 Pack) – Hospital Underwear Maternity Pregnancy Travel Knickers Panties (XXL)

One-Wear Disposable Briefs are a top choice for women needing comfortable and practical disposable underwear

What’s in the package?
✓ Each resealable pack contains 5 pairs of white briefs
✓ Each pair is hygienically wrapped keeping them clean and dry
✓ A single pair is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and will discreetly fit in your pocket

Care Instructions
• One-Wear cotton briefs are disposable and can be worn once and thrown away
• The briefs can be washed (by hand or machine on a low heat) and reused several times

Compact Design
• Looking to save space when travelling?
✓ The special construction of our cotton fabric means it is much lighter than what is commonly used making it a real space-saver
✓ Throwing away your dirty disposable briefs will be another space-saver

One-Wear Disposable Underwear for your to Wear
Keep a pair in hand and no more:
✓ Underwear emergencies caused by lost or delayed airline luggage
✓ Hotel bathrooms filled with drying underwear
✓ Holidays, hiking and cycling trips lugging around bags full of dirty heavy laundry
✓ Worrying how to pack light on a short trips
✓ No more evenings spent wearing sweaty pants after a gym trips as you forgot pack a fresh pair
✓ Sailing trips having worn the same pair of underwear for a week
✓ Embarrassing hospital moments without a clean pair
✓ Need to worry about kids running out of underwear when away from home
✓ Awkward moments getting a Spa or Massage
✓ Washing or recycling underwear when the wife is away
✓ Issues packing your paternity bag to keep next to the maternity bag

One-Wear Disposable Underwear is exclusive to Amazon and cannot be found in High Street Stores such as Boots and Mothercare.✅ HOSPITAL and MATERNITY PANTS. Pack disposable pants in your hospital clothes bags for long and short hospital stays. No washing knicker, brief or pant when recovering from surgery or an operation. Ideal surgical briefs. Maternity pants are one of the essential apparel items in a pregnancy bag. One-Wear briefs are soft, flexible and will hold a post birth pads with wings / towels in place for the period of after birth bleeding. One-Wear is non-absorbent, can be worn with incontinence pad.
✅ TRAVEL BRIEFS. One-Wear briefs are a space-saver on holiday as they are so light and compact and can be thrown away after wearing. Put a pair in your hand luggage in case of lost baggage. When backpacking, hiking, camping or taking a cruiseship vacation you can wear a clean pair of panties each day without the need for a washing machine or turning knickers inside out. One-Wear won’t take much space in your duffel bag on short weekend city breaks so put them on your vacations checklist.
✅ STOCK UP YOUR BASICS with a 5-pack of briefs so that you are ready for your next great adventure. One-Wear disposable briefs have so many uses from post partum / postnatal maternity briefs to spa, massage, beauty and body treatments including waxing and spray tanning at the salon. From gym and swimwear spares to emergency menstrual periods underwear. From sailing and travelling to overnight stays, sleepovers and business trips. From single-use HAZMAT clothing to prison / jail wear.
✅ PREMIUM QUALITY soft natural stretchy cotton ensures a great feel and flexible fit. The lightweight breathable construction of the briefs gives great all-day comfort. They are ideal for use as Pregnancy, Travel and Hospital undergarments. No floral prints or pastel colours here, just a time-less classic white design that you can rely upon and not paper pants either. INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED and so small and compact each pair of briefs can fit discreetly and hygienically in your bag or pocket.
✅ 30 DAY PEACE OF MIND GUARANTEE – Giving you the confidence to try something new. If at any time during the first 30 days of use you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please return it for a full and prompt refund. GET 10% OFF OUR NEW DISPOSABLE BRAS and LUGGAGE TAGS. When you order our Briefs scroll down to the offers section below for the code. Click on the Add Both to Cart button and enter the code at the checkout.

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