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It’s an awful thing to admit, but if I’m honest sometimes I feel like I’m a stuck at home mum – not a stay at home one. Because when it comes to doing anything with my two children outside of our house on my own, I really struggle. Mainly because it’s impossible to make sure that they’re both safe. And, well – that’s the priority isn’t it?

Brody has no danger awareness. And he’ll happily attempt to run off if I let go of his hand. Shouting “stop” or calling his name goes over his head. He cannot talk and struggles to follow basic instructions. His physical disabilities mean that his legs tire easily and he can’t walk distances (we thankfully have a wheelchair). Sometimes he’ll simply refuse to walk and he is now so tall and heavy that I just can’t carry him around.

Our one year old Sydney can walk and talk quite well for her age. But she is very much a typical toddler – stubborn and a perfectionist when it comes to almighty tantrums (she’s going to give the terrible twos a run for their money). So I can’t yet go out without her buggy.

So how do I go out with them on my own?

I can’t.

To be honest, it’s not even an easy task getting them in and out of the car safely on my own a lot of the time.

I can’t push a wheelchair and a buggy at the same time. Brody is far too big for a double buggy and even if he wasn’t, they would take great delight in walloping each other if they sat next to each other (ah brother and sisterly love).

Simple things like walking them round the block are a no go because if Brody refuses or cannot walk, carrying him isn’t an option. So I just can’t risk it.

I’ll admit I haven’t mastered the art of “wearing” Sydney – as I know that this is something some people can do. Even if I did, getting her in and out of the bloody thing whilst trying to keep her brother safe would not be an easy task (*hides from baby wearers*).

In a park or at soft play, the lack of danger awareness thing and Sydney being so little means that there is no way I can leave either of them to play unsupervised.

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