Storybook Dads: How Children Will Be Able To Hear Their Imprisoned Dads Read Them A Bedtime Story This Christmas

Children whose dads are in prison will still be able to hear them read a bedtime story on Christmas Eve, thanks to a charity initiative. 

Storybook Dads records prisoners’ reading bedtime stories onto CDs and DVDs, so children in 5,000 families across the UK can share a festive moment with their dad and cherish the keepsake forever. 

The charity runs the scheme all year round, but Christmas is by far the busiest time of year for them. 

“This project has helped my daughter so much, to the point where she wants to come and see me,” said one dad, who is remaining anonymous to protect his children’s identities.

“I believe this is because of the comfortable surroundings in the DVD, which helped to change the horrible picture of prison in her imagination as she saw her daddy on the TV happy and smiling.”

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