Sterling Silver Open Heart Dangle Screw-on Charm Bead fits Pandora Biagi Chamilia Bracelets Nanny, Mum, Sister, Daughter (My Mum)

Hallmarked S925 Open Heart Charm. Highly polished 925 Sterling silver charm, one half crystal encrusted and when opened displays a silver heart inscribed word “Nanny” “My Mum” “My angel” “Daughter” “Sister” “Mum”. This charm is unbranded, It is a screw-on style charm and will fit any european bracelet or necklace like Pandora or Chamilia.Charm is made from solid sterling silver
Metal: S925 sterling silver – Core size: approx 4.5mm slide on charm
come completely with gift pouch and self write gift card (gift pouch colour vary, depend on stock)
fits Pandora Biagi Chamilia etc European Bracelets

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