Stephen Lawrence: The Murder That Still Haunts Britain, 25 Years On

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Stephen Lawrence was murdered on 22 April 1993

Stephen Lawrence was 18 when he was murdered by a gang in a racist attack as he stood at a bus stop in Eltham, south east London, 25 years ago.

It was 10.35pm, and Stephen was with his friend, Duwayne Brooks, waiting for a bus, chatting about football, when a group of attackers descended on them. 

It would later emerge in court that one of the group was heard to say: “What, what n******?” as they rushed towards the two young men.

Brooks managed to run off, shouting “Get up and run, Steve!”

Stephen ran some 130 yards away from his assailants, before collapsing and being stabbed for a second time. The aspiring architect was pronounced dead at Brook Hospital a short time later, having suffered two fatal stab wounds to his upper body.

It was a murder that changed the face of modern Britain. The initial…

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