Stephen Fry Reveals Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Stephen Fry has revealed he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in December 2017, sharing the news in a YouTube video.  

In recent months, the TV personality has been spending time out of the public eye and in the 12-minute clip, he explained he decided to do so in order to recover privately, after having his prostate removed.

Speaking of how his diagnosis came after a routine check-up, Stephen said: “I went to see my doctor just before Christmas for a flu jab. I’d heard it was going to be a bit bad this year so I thought maybe a flu jab would be a good idea.

“So I went to see my doctor, Tony, he was at my school a year or two above me and he’s been my doctor for a couple of years. He said let’s have a checkup, an MOT, I have one of these every year.

“I had my blood taken, urine and blood pressure, pulse [checked] and tapping here and there, general procedure, nothing to worry…

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