Spookily Good Halloween Treats To Make With The Kids

Spookily Good Halloween Treats To Make With The Kids | HuffPost UK

We Brits have recently taken to celebrating the traditionally American holiday of Halloween – and what’s not to like? Kids especially love the thrill of dressing up as spooky characters and pillaging the neighbourhood for chocolate and sweets – and it’s a great excuse to whip up some special treats at home too. We’ve teamed up with talented recipe blogger Julia from Vikalinka to create these special Halloween recipes to make with the kids…

Chocolate-dipped apples

Vikalinka / HuffPost Parents

“When you think of a classic Halloween treat, caramel-dipped apples immediately come to mind! But did you know that they are easy to make at home and taste much fresher than the shop bought ones? Chocolate apples are even simpler to make and a lot safer than working with hot caramel.

“You can find fun-looking sticks while out on your morning walk for your apples, the scragglier the better. My kids absolutely love that part!”

6-8 medium apples
150g Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate
6-8 sticks
chopped nuts
crushed sweets
coconut flakes

  1. Set a bowl in a pot of simmering water making sure the bottom of it is not in contact with water. Chop the chocolate and add it to the bowl. Melt over low heat stirring continuously.
  2. Insert the sticks into the apples. You might need to use a metal skewer to pierce a hole in each apple first.
  3. Arrange all your extras into separate small bowls on a worktop.
  4. Holding by a stick dip each apple into melted chocolate, then into toppings of your choice.
  5. Let your decorated apples set on parchment paper for one hour.

Halloween chocolate bark

Vikalinka / HuffPostParents

“This chocolate bark is what Halloween is all about. Considering our usually strict household policy on sweets, it’s the kind of treat that my kids go wild for. When choosing your topping, go for fun, spooky-shaped sweets like snakes, frogs, worms, and teeth. In other words, all things Halloween!”

200g Cadbury…

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