Splash About Warm in One Baby Wetsuit and Matching New Improved Happy Nappy (3-6 Months, Nina’s Ark)

Warm In One Wetsuit – Designed specially for babies and toddlers who need a bit more warmth or protection in the pool. This Multi award winning fleece wetsuit is recommended by experts and health professionals. Manufactured from lightweight specialist fabric and fleece lined, it’s not only warm but also protects sensitive young skin from chlorine which can be an irritant. Wearing the fleece lined wetsuit over Barrier or Eczema creams will ensure they don’t rinse off in the pool water. Easy to take on and off with a wide back opening, the wetsuit covers arms, legs and the trunk, to retain core body warmth. Also perfect to use on the beach or in the garden, as it gives UPF 50+ sun protection and is wind and sand resistant, this helps baby stay warm whilst getting wet, making sand castles or paddling. AVAILABLE IN THE FOLLOWING SIZES: 0-3m – 48cm Chest, 31cm Shoulder to Crotch 3-6m – 50cm Chest, 33cm Shoulder to Crotch 6-12m – 53cm Chest, 34.5cm Shoulder to Crotch 12-24m – 55-59cm Chest, 36.5-40cm Shoulder to Crotch New Improved Happy Nappy – The New and Improved Happy Nappy by Splash About is the most reliable swim nappy in the world. Insisted upon by swim schools, pool owners and leisure facilities globally to help protect other babies and swimmers from faecal accidents into the water. Super soft neoprene is shaped into two back pieces, which cup the baby’s bottom. These are held securely in place by a gusset, whilst specialist waist and leg fabric grips comfortably yet snugly to your child’s body. Ensuring that no matter how they move and twist in the water there is gaping. The front rib of the nappy is designed to roll gently down under the tummy button to form a seal against the neoprene. Splash About have created this ergonomically form fitting nappy to be secure yet comfortable no matter how hard they play and kick in the water. .Neopren

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