Splash About Girls’ Happy Nappy Costume – Navy/White, X-Large

Splash About ‘Happy Nappy’ – Navy Dot

**Safety – Comfort – Security**

Peace of mind in the Pool – ensures little accidents are contained within the nappy

SPF 50 – Sun Protection, Maximum UV Protection

Stylish Swim Wear for Infants and Toddlers

Clean, Warm and Happy in the Pool

Allows longer to be spent in the pool than traditional swimwear

Reusable and Easy to Clean

Supple 1mm Neoprene (wetsuit material) with soft fabric ribbing

The most essential item in your infant’s swim kit

Most pools make a swim nappy like this mandatory due to very strict hygiene rules. Recommended by leading swim schools

All you need for peace of mind in the pool and at the beach.

You may also use it with a liner or simple swim nappy for ease of cleaning but it will also be fine on it’s own.

Splash About are the children’s swim wear specialists and you can be assured of the highest quality product which can be used again and again. To reuse your Happy Nappy immediately after cleaning, roll the nappy in a towel and squeeze. It is now ready to use without discomfort.

The Splash about team have been designing and producing swim wear for over 20 years in association with the Health Education Authority, Centre Parcs and swim schools. The Happy Nappy is the only nappy insisted upon by many swim schools.

Often Imitated but never improved on (Only by Splash About!)

Please note – Board Shorts also include an integrated Happy Nappy!

Sizing Guidelines:-
XS – premature/birth – 2 months (3 -4kg)
S – around 0 – 4 months (3 – 6kg)
M – around 3 – 8 months (6 -11kg)
L – around 6 – 14 months (10 -15kg)
XL – around 12 – 24 months (13 – 18kg)
XXL – toddler (16+ kg)

The original reusable neoprene swim-nappy design by Splash About – SPF50+
Soft, snug fitting, deep bands of ribbing on waist and legs, with a high rubber content to keep all nasties inside
Top is made of super soft and stretcy nylon-lycra
Dramatically reduces leaks of embarrassing solids and expensive pool closures by keeping all nasties inside
Can be worn with or without disposable swim nappy underneath, liner is advised for ease of cleaning

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