Splash About Boy’s Sharks-Reusable Nappy, baby, Happy Nappy Wiederverwendbar Schwimmwindel, Blu – Hai Orange, XXL

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It seems only yesterday that Splash About invented the first ever neoprene swim nappy, The Happy Nappy. We’re now almost 10 years down the line and still to this day, we remain the world’s market leader, and most trusted brand for this award winning swim nappy! We’re pretty proud of that fact. Recommended and insisted upon by UK Swim Schools, our neo nappy; The Happy Nappy, is the most essential item in your baby swim kit. Made of 1mm premium quality neoprene and finished with snug fitting, deep bands of fabric with a high rubber content (to keep all nasties inside and ensure a leak-free swim); The Happy Nappy can be worn with or without a disposable swim nappy (though a liner is advised for cleaning)The original reusable neoprene swim-nappy design by Splash About – SPF50+
Recommended or insisted upon by most baby swimming schools for children.
Maximum protection to prevent unwanted releases in the swimming pool.
Can be worn with or without disposable swim nappy underneath, liner, washable lining.

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