Splash About Baby Kids New Improved Happy Nappy, Vintage Moby, 2-3 Years

The New and Improved Happy Nappy by Splash About is the most reliable swim nappy in the world. Insisted upon by swim schools worldwide and mandatory in swim schools in the UK for its unique ability to prevent faecal accidents leaking into the pool. Engineered using super soft neoprene and specialist rib fabrics Splash About have created the new Improved Happy Nappy to be form fitting and comfortable whilst retaining a snug seal around the body and thighs, allowing it to move as your baby moves no matter how active the water play or activity. This technically advanced nappy overcomes traditional areas of gape, keeping babies and other swimmers safe from germs associated with faecal leaks. Make sure you choose the most reliable swim nappy in the world for your baby – The Splash About New Improved Happy Nappy – changing the world one bottom at a time.The only authentic Happy Nappy; if it doesn’t say Splash About, it’s not a Happy Nappy
Multi award-winning – awarded Gold in the Mother & Baby Awards 2019 for Best Swimming Products
Made from 1 mm thick neoprene and specialist rib fabric, with a patented 3D design for the ideal protection against faecal leaks
Beautiful prints for boys and girls from newborn to 3 years
Can be worn alone or with Nappy wrap and liners for easier cleaning and changing

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