Spice Girls Tour: Mel B's Bandmates Address Her Lack Of Discretion In Lead-Up To Announcement


Mel B

When asked about how they managed to keep everything under their hats in a new interview with Jonathan Ross, Mel B came clean about repeatedly spilling the beans, joking: “I never kept the secret, I just kept on saying we’re definitely going to get back together.”

Bandmate Emma Bunton added: “We just kept telling Melanie [B] that it wasn’t going to happen and then she couldn’t let it out.”

The group went on to reveal they came up with a code to discuss their plans privately so nothing could get leaked, with Melanie C even applying this at home. 


Jonathan Ross with the Spice Girls

“In my house we did have a code for Spice Girls because I was so paranoid,” she revealed. “Because I’m a good girl, and I do as I’m told, and so I kept the secret.

“My little girl said ‘Mummy, why don’t you call it Cucumber?’ So any time I spoke about Spice Girls it was called ‘Cucumber.’ And then at the other end of the spectrum, Melanie just went on national TV and said we were doing it.”

Mel B added: “They felt sorry for me because I’d been through a lot, they felt sorry for me, they were like, ‘let’s not have a go at her’.”

Spice Girls

The newly-reunited Spice Girls

In earlier interviews to promote the 2019 live shows, Mel B has been trying to get the rumour mill going that the band are going to record an album, and their ‘Jonathan Ross’ appearance was no exception.

When the subject of new material came up, Mel offered an intriguing “well…”, though her bandmates seemed less enthused.

“I think it’s got to be an organic process,” Geri interjected. “If something happened and we felt like it.

“We think first things first, get out there and sing the hits, people want to hear…

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