SOYAR Colorful Baby Teething Mittens,Baby Teether Soothing Pain Relief- Age 3-12 Months Protects Babys Hands from Salvia & Chewing – Secure Adjustable Strap.-Quarlz Pink(1PC)

Product Details:

Type: TR033

Specification: Teething Mittens

Material: Food grade silicone+ Fabric

Weight: 42 g

Size: 100mm*70mm*40mm

Certificates: FDA, LFGB, BPA Free and other (If you need to see the safety certificate, please contact the seller, our product is very safe, please rest assured to buy.)

Color:Quarlz Pink, Pastel Blue, Light Green, Green.

Safely baby chew mittens

Food grade silicone material and fabric.

Soft and flexible teething surface made of food-grade silicone, BPA & Phthalate free

Teething mittens best teether for baby

This clever little teething mittens is made from flexible silicone for soft chew factor so there’s no more chapped, sore fingers! It fits neatly over baby’s hands and attaches securely with a velcro strap, this prevents the teething mitten from hitting the floor. This teething glove is perfect for out and about activities. The teething mitten is a self-soothing easy reach teether for babies and hands-free for parents.

A textured flexible silicone surface provides soothing teething relief.

Washing Instructions:

1.For a quick everyday clean, the silicone part may be hand washed with soap and water

2.For a full wash: Machine wash on cold or warm on gentle or delicate cycle. Machine dry on very low/no heat fluff or delicate cycle then air dry if interior is still slightly damp. Do not dry on hot heat or over dry. If mitt becomes damaged please discontinue use and discard

1.Protects hands from becoming chapped from excess chewing and saliva. Interchangeable Design, Can be used on left or right hand.
2.Stays on baby’s hand comfortably with a secure velcro strap.
3.The teething mittens will keep your baby entertained with its crinkle noise, Attract baby’s attention.
4. Safety tested to exceed all federal safety requirements, including CPSC, ATSM regulations and the most current CPSIA
5. Colorful teething glove was a gife for 3-12 month old who loves to chew on her hands so this teething glove gives her hands a break. It’s also helpful to keep him from scratching his face.

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