Sole Bimbi SPF 50 Sun Cream Spray Baby & Childrens UVB UVA Highly water resistant Natural Very High Protection, Dermatology Tested, Vegan Friendly 125ml

IMPORTANT TIPS FOR THE PROPER USE OF HELAN’S SOLE BIMBI LINE OF SUNCARE PRODUCTS Keep in mind that BABY’S SENSITIVE, DELICATE SKIN requires common sense and catered protection. Only then can sunshine truly become summer’s best friend. 1. Never put babies under 6 months old in direct sunlight. Little ones should be kept in the shade and adequately covered with a hat and light clothing, preferably made of natural fibres. 2. Avoid exposure to the sun during peak hours of the day: the best time is up to 10 o’clock in the morning and after 4 pm in the afternoon. Be careful of the sun’s reflections from sand, snow and water as well as those rays only partially filtered, such as when under sun umbrellas or overcast skies. Clouds do not block out ultraviolet rays. 3. Always protect baby’s eyes with lenses made to shield UV rays to avoid acute and chronic damage to eyesight. 4. Always choose sun care products that effectively protect against both UVB and UVA. 5. Use sun creams for the face and sun milks/lotions for the body. For very young children, use very high/high protection that repels, by creating a barrier, almost all broad spectrum sun radiation. 6. Apply the product evenly and generously before sun exposure. Be careful to cover all areas of the body, including the ears, chin, neck, back of the legs and feet, in order to allow the sun filter to spread out and maximize performance. Continue application until the last day of sun exposure. 7. Re-apply sun care products frequently. This is essential, especially with frequent swims, in order to maintain the original level of protection. 8. Re-moisturize and sooth the skin with after sun milk at the end of the day. 9. Remember that protecting baby’s skin with sun care protects, even those with high protection, does not mean baby can spend the whole day in the sun.SPF 50+ Sun Milk Spray, thanks to an innovative filtering system, Sole Bimbi is effective and photo-insensitive, efficiently and naturally protecting baby’s most delicate skin from sunburn and rashes. No traces of white residue. Highly water resistant.
The Sun Milk can be easily sprayed onto all parts of the body in all positions, so it can be applied evenly even in those “hard to reach” areas for complete protection, gradual getting used to the sun. Light, fresh and pleasant to the touch.
Orthodermic pH. Petroleum, Mineral Oil, Lanolin, Paraben, Phenoxyethanol, Colour and Benzophenone Free. Not tested on animals and contains no animal ingredients. Allergy Tested. Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly.
UVB and UVA protection, Dermatology Tested WITH NOT NANOMATERIALS SUNSCREENS.
How to use it: apply a generous amount on dry skin evenly before sun exposure, not forgetting the backs of the arms or legs, or baby’s feet. Avoid eye contact.

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