So You're Too Cool for Kids' Bedtime Routines?


I like to put people into two boxes. The ones naturally tending towards routines, aka control freaks, and the ones who don’t…let’s just call them *ahem* slackers.

Not sure about you, but I’m a thrill seeker (that is code for slacker here). I want the cliffhanger and the unknown. Structure, routine? Nah, I’m good…And yes, it’s me, the woman who demands a solid bedtime routine for our children.

A bedtime routine. This is where it all ends. At 7 sharp, every evening. Without fail. Is this a U-turn if we’ve ever seen one? What happened to us? Why? Let’s run by some home truths.

Truth No. 1: Spontaneity goes to pot as soon as we bring a child into the equation. The ability to go wherever we want – whenever we want – shrinks in proportion…

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