Snufflebabe 15 ml Boxed Nasal Aspirator

The Snufflebabe Nasal Aspirator lets you physically remove mucus for immediate relief from congestion. This also helps prevent further complications such as related ear infections , coughs and stomach upsets.
Before you first use , wash well and make sure the filter if fitted in the middle chamber. If the Mucus is very dry, try moistening it . Put the nozzle at the entrance of your baby’s nostril ( but not inside ) right next to any visible mucus. Suck through the mouthpiece. The mucus collects hygienically in the sealed chamber. After each use, simply unscrew the bulb to separate it from the nozzle. Wash all parts in warm soapy water, rinse and dry throughly.Helps physically clear your baby’s nose for instant relief from congestion
Clears noses too small to blow
Safe, easy to use and reuse
Hygienic and easy to clean
With protective reusable filter

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