Sniff ‘N’ Lick Dirty Nappy Game

An Unusual but Fun & Popular Game guaranteed to have your guests laughing as you try to guess the smells and tastes.Basically smear the included condiments into the disposable nappies. Blind folded guests are then asked to smell the nappy and if required touch or lick its contents to guess what it is. The guest who guesses the most nappies correctly wins. We provide you with 5 cute new born baby size clean white disposable nappies which are presented tied with satin ribbon. There are instructions for the game. Take a look below at Babies Babies Guests having great fun playing this game!!.Dirty Nappy Game – Sniff ‘N’ Lick
As Chosen By Coleen Rooney
5 nappies and 5 condiments
1 instruction sheet

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