Snap General Election Will Be Held In Next 12 Months, Says Theresa May's Ex-Policy Advisor

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Tory MP George Freeman is predicting a “very ugly” battle in the Commons over Brexit in the coming months

A general election will be triggered in the next 12 months as Brexit will end Theresa May’s premiership, Number 10′s former policy chief has predicted. 

George Freeman told HuffPost UK’s politics podcast, Commons People, that he believes there are two post-EU withdrawal scenarios which would see the Tories call a fresh vote. 

The first would be under the weight of public pressure following a catastrophic no-deal Brexit in the spring – after which Labour would win the keys to Downing Street.

The second would be in October, when the UK had left the EU with a deal and the Conservatives emerge from a summer “clear out” having elected a new “next generation” leader. 

It comes after the prime minister survived a vote of no-confidence by telling her MPs she would step down before the next election, which as it stands may not take place until 2022. 

“I don’t think there is a mood for a general election but I do think we will have one within a year,” he said. 

“It’s fatal to make predictions but I do think December, January, February, March, this [Brexit] crisis will continue.

“At the end of it there will either be a no-deal Brexit carnage, from which the governing party won’t recover, in which case I think there will be a general election in the spring, early summer, which I fear Jeremy Corbyn would win.” 

He went on: “Let’s assume we get a deal, I think Theresa May […] will go whenever we tap her on the shoulder after March.

“I think then what will and should happen is the Europeans will go off and have elections […] and we will then have a proper Conservative leadership election, for a post-Brexit withdrawal, new generation Conservative who can reunite this party, this country.” 

He added: “I think then we will come back to parliament in October, and it will be…

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