SMILE GIFTS UK New Mum Survival Kit Gift (Small Novelty Good luck gift/keepsake for new parent) (Pink)

Surprise your friend/loved with a unique novelty gift to prepare them for parenthood and give them a giggle. A perfect keepsake! All items are placed in a gorgeous organza bag and finished with a laminated label highlighting the significance of each item. Items may differ slightly from those shown in the picture.

Label reads as follows

Especially for you
Confetti – time to celebrate the new arrival
Coffee – to give you the extra energy you need
Puzzle piece – for adding another important piece to your family
World Map – the new baby will be your world
Cotton wool – you will always protect the new baby
Tea bag – for when you need to relax with a well-earned cuppa
Tissue – for cleaning up those little messes
Safety pin – to keep your family safe
Elastic band – for when you are stretched to the limit
Eyes – for the extra pair of eyes you will need
Peg – for nappy changing time
Toothpick – to pick out all of your best memories
Candle – for when you are burning it at both ends
Penny – every penny counts
Plaster – to make things better
Love Hearts – for the unconditional love you will give and receive
Balloon – to help the new baby reach for the sky
Paper clip – to always keep your family close together

KIT UPDATED 26/02/2017Novelty gift for a new mum.
Laminated label highlights the significance of each item included
Presented in a gorgeous pink organza bag (Sizes can vary – approx size of bag 12cm by 18cm)
Great keepsake and guaranteed to make the recipient smile
Bag contains one of each item listed on label

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