SKL Baby Clip-On Mini Stroller Fan (Blue)

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Baby Clip-On Mini Stroller Fan keeps your little one cool and happy on hot summer days! With a strong clip, the stroller fan can be easily attached on different parts of most strollers. Because the blades are made of soft foam, little curious fingers will not get hurt by the blades even when the fan is turned on. While KF Baby Clip-On Mini Stroller Fan is very safe for babies and little kids, its soft foam blades provide a cool gentle breeze for your little one nevertheless. This stroller fan features a flexible neck that allows the fan to blow in any direction and angle. Operated by 2 AA batteries (NOT included).Soft Foam Blades keep your little one’s fingers from getting hurt
Flexible neck allows blowing in different directions and angles
Strong clip, with a maximum jaw width of 2 inches, can be used on strollers, baby cots, playpens, and even working desks of moms and dads!
Operated by 2 AA batteries (NOT included)
Size: 24 x 12 x 11 cm / 9.6 x 4.8 x 1.4 inch (L x W x H)

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