Skin Cancer-Detecting Device Wins 2017 International Dyson Award

A remarkable device that can detect skin cancer reliably yet costs a fraction of its rivals has won the International James Dyson Award.

The sKan was created by a team of four electrical and biomedical engineering students from McMasters University and can detect a melanoma by sensing minute changes in temperature on the skin.


Michael Takla, Rotimi Fadiya, Shivad Bhavsar and Prateek Mathur were inspired to create the device after they saw the statistics around skin cancer.

“Melanoma has one of the highest survivability’s of all cancers, 94%,” explains Fadiya. “So it’s absolutely crazy that so many people still die even though we know how to cure it.”

While equipment exists that can test for skin cancer, the team found there were prohibitive costs involved that were preventing quick and early diagnoses from taking place.

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