Sheffield's Lord Mayor Magid Magid Is A Former Refugee With Something To Say To Brexit Britain

As the lord mayor’s ceremonial chain was laid on Magid Magid’s shoulders, a ripple of confusion reverberated around Sheffield Town Hall. 

Not because those attending the civic occasion were alarmed about a grinning 28-year-old Somali refugee from the Green Party being elevated to high office in their city. 

No. The audience had been rather blindsided by the doom-laden tones of Imperial March – the Star Wars music for baddies – bellowing out of the speakers. 

But Magid, now the city’s youngest lord mayor, has no interest in conforming to your expectations of him. That’s not really why he wanted the job. 

“I’m just a fan and I wanted to do something different,” he says, as he looks ahead to 12 months in the public-facing role. “I might piss people off and…

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