Seven Easy Steps to Becoming a Mummy-Blogging BORE

Partial to a parenting post? I know I am! I like the ones with swear words and gin in, best – but that’s because I am a massive mum-blogging bore. There are legions of us now. We have evolved from quintessential mummies narrating the journeys of our cute kids, into ‘frank’, ‘honest’, ‘normal’ mums, a bit liberal with the eff word. We propelled ourselves onto the internet claiming to be the ‘antitheses’ and ‘antidotes’ to the likes of BabyCentre and Mother & Baby, whose depictions of motherhood rarely include a booze-loving mum hiding in the loo, supressing a scream. In fact, there are so many of us now, detonating mum-truth bombs all over the internet, that, dare I say, it’s clear there is a small formula emerging.
So, if you fancy…

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