Set of 6 Reusable Nappies – Washable Cloth Nappies + 6 Washable Bamboo Nappy Inserts + 1 Roll of 100 Bamboo Flushable Nappy Liners + Free Wet Bag – Non-Disposable Nappies – 100% Eco Friendly Nappies

Reusable cloth nappies with inserts, liners and a FREE wet bag from Juicy Bumbles will be one of the best investments you can make as a parent, both financially and for the well being of your baby.

These nappies will last from the day your baby is born until potty training is complete. The bamboo inserts will get softer and more absorbent with every wash.

These days standard cloth nappies are extremely old fashioned and inefficient. Juicy Bumbles’s cloth nappy kit is a one size fits all cloth nappy which is as easy to fit as an out of the box disposable and much cheaper! When it is soiled simply put the insert in the washing machine and flush the liner down the toilet.

1 SIZE FITS ALL adjustable from 8lb to 35lb (3.5 to 16kg)

6x cloth nappies
6x Bamboo inserts
1x Waterproof wet bag
1x Roll of 100 bamboo disposable liners and wipes


Cloth Nappies:
Inner: Bamboo microfiber
Outer: Waterproof PUL

Bamboo Nappy Inserts:
Outer: 2 layers bamboo
Inner: 2 layers microfiber
Dimensions: 13.5 x 35cm

Bamboo Nappy Liners:
100% Bamboo
Flushable and Biodegradable
Dimensions of one sheet: 18.5 x 17cm

Wet Bag:
Polyester with waterproof TPU coating
Dimensions: 30x 40cm


For washing instructions please see the image above

How many inserts will I need?

Newborn to 4 months 20 – 24 inserts
Infant (4 to 10 months) 16 – 20 inserts
Toddler (10 months to potty training) 12 – 16 insertsCOMPLETE REUSABLE NAPPY KIT – Unlike most products on the market our liners are made of 100% bamboo. Kit includes: 6 x adjustable cloth nappies – 6 x bamboo microfiber inserts 1x roll of 100 super soft flushable bamboo liners – 1 x wet bag with a convenient front pocket.
STAY DRY – LEAK PROOF – The nappy has gussets to reduce leakage and includes a 4-layer bamboo insert (2 outer layers made of bamboo with 2 inner layers made of microfiber), which make it the most absorbent inserts available. Perfect for heavy wetting and night time.
SAVE A FORTUNE!! —- NEVER BUY NAPPIES AGAIN!! —– ONE SIZE FITS ALL! – Our Nappies are fully adjustable due to the multiple rows of press studs. Perfect for newborns and toddlers (8lb to 35lb or 3.5 to 13Kg)
MORE ABSORBENT WITH EVERY WASH! Bamboo becomes more soft and more absorbent with time. They will literally get better with time.
NO MORE NAPPY RASH!! —– HYPOALLERGENIC AND SUPER SOFT. Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial meaning it will not cause an allergic reaction, perfect for a newborn baby and babies with sensitive skin. Both our liners and inserts themselves are made of 100% bamboo and super soft ensuring minimal nappy rash

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