SET Enterprises Five Crowns Mini Round Card Game

Award-winning Five Crowns game now comes in a mini! Five Crowns is a five-suited rummy-style card game that is easy to learn and loved by all generations. With this quicker version, you can play a complete game (5 rounds) in only 15 minutes. Five Crowns Mini Round is packed with the same enjoyable features of the full version game, including the fifth suit of stars & a rotating wild card! How to play The goal is to combine all your cards into books and runs, be the first to go out, then watch the others scramble as they get one last chance to cut their losses. With each round the number of cards dealt increases and the wild card changes keeping the game both interesting and entertaining. Itâ€TMs easy to learn and makes a great family game where kids can compete with adults. Youâ€TMll need luck and skill throughout the game because even in the last hand a worthy opponent can come from behind and win! Great for on-the-go! Fits easily in a purse, pocket or backpack • Great for camping trips • Perfect restaurant starter • Play in waiting rooms • Lunch breaks Makes a perfect present! Birthdays • Stocking Stuffers • Thank You • Easter Baskets • Teacher Appreciation • Party Favors • Gift Baskets Game Facts • Age: 8 to adult • Players: 2-4 • Time: 15 minutes • Includes: 58 round cards and instructionsBirthdays, easter baskets, thank you, gift baskets, teacher appreciation, stocking stuffers
It’s a perfect present
Perfect for on-the-go entertainment. Fits easily in a purse or pocket
Simple, quick and captivating a 2-4 person game that offers unlimited replay value

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