‘Sesame Street’ Turns ‘Despacito’ Into A Bilingual Ode To Rubber Ducks

‘Sesame Street’ Turns ‘Despacito’ Into A Bilingual Ode To Rubber Ducks | HuffPost UK

On Monday 21 August, “Sesame Street” posted a parody of Luis Fonsi’s mega hit. In the video, Ernie and Rosita sing about their love of el patito in both English and Spanish. 

“No matter where we go, you and I we both know, we’re there for each other, so happy together. You might even say we’re two birds of a feather,” Ernie sings to the tune of “Despacito”.  

Rosita helps him during the Spanish chorus: 

Oh, el patito, es mi favorito. (Oh, the duckie, is my favorite.)
Donde quiera que vaya hace su sonido. (Wherever I go it makes its sound.)
El patito es tu buen amigo. (The duckie is your good friend.)
El patito. (The [rubber] duckie)

Watch the full “Sesame Street” parody video above. 

The story was originally published on the US version of HuffPost. 

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