Seeing Myself On Screen In 'Black Panther' Was An Experience I'll Never Forget

Black Panther. The anticipation has been building for some time. Long before he appeared in ‘Captain America: Civil War’, he was in the hearts of Marvel as far back as 2005 (when they gained back the character rights) with some easter eggs starting in 2010 in Iron Man 2.

Sometimes Hollywood says yes to things we don’t want (let’s not talk about Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’) but sometimes they say no to the things we do. Thankfully it was a yes and the reins were handed over to Director Ryan Coogler. A resounding yes matched by ticket pre-sales that broke records, an appearance in Captain America: Civil War that was inspired and a royalty type cast list. But was it worth the hype? Was Black Panther really that amazing? Was the all black cast a misguided attempt at a political stand? Yes, yes and no.

I have three words for you after having seen it for myself on Friday.


Marcus Ingram via Getty Images

But first, a little history. Wakanda is one of the most prominent nations in the Marvel Universe. The fictional country first appeared in Fantastic Four #52 in 1966 and was created by wonderful comic book writer Stan Lee and artist Jack…

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