School holidays 2017: how to plan your family vacations better

With your children in primary school, it might seem inevitable that you have to plan your holidays outside of the school term. 

Traveling during off-peak periods become a thing of the past, and having to folk out extra cash to travel during the school holidays appears to be the only way out. 

With the Ministry of Education’s recent release of the school terms and holiday schedule for 2017, many parents would have already started looking at different travel options.

School Terms for Primary Schools 

Semester 1
Term 1: Tues Jan 3 – Fri March 10
Term 2: Mon March 20 – Fri May 26

Semester 2
Term 3: Tues June 27 – Thu Aug 31
Term 4: Mon Sept 11 – Fri Nov 17 

But before you start blocking out your leave, here’s a list of the long weekends you can consider taking your family on for a…

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