Samaritans Volunteers Prepare For Around 10,000 Calls On Christmas Day

Samaritans are expecting 10,000 calls on Christmas Day

Volunteers for the Samaritans have spoken of their experiences helping those in need over the festive season as they gear up for around 10,000 calls on Christmas Day.

The charity is set to end a busy year by being on call for 123,000 hours over the Christmas period to listen to those having a tough time.

Volunteer Arup Sen, 49, told the Press Association: “Last year there were some issues around money – with the adverts they’re being encouraged to spend both on Christmas presents, on food, and they can’t, they want to but they can’t.”

He said: “There was sort of a pressure on people to feel happy or feel good or behave in a certain way because it was Christmas.”

He added that some people who call over the festive period can feel “embarrassed or disempowered” after their Christmases do not match up to those traditionally portrayed in adverts or films.

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