'RuPaul's Drag Race' Series 10 Reunion: 8 Dramatic Moments From The Uncomfortable Episode

At the start of this year’s ‘Drag Race’ reunion episode, RuPaul promised that the queens would be spilling “the T, the whole T and nothing but the T” and girl, she was not joking around.

We were hoping the reunion special would be all about Monet running round with a sponge, classic one-liners from Monique Hart and more cries of “Vanjie!” than the HQ comments section. 

But instead, the episode was an all-round uncomfortable affair, packed with emotional outbursts, surprising feuds and yes, even a walk-off.

These are the most dramatic moments of the episode (and consider this your last warning, there are spoilers aplenty ahead)…

1. The Vixen walks off 

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