Rose Quartz Baby Bonding Bracelet by Easy Mom and Baby | Nursing Bracelet for Breastfeeding | Perfect Unique Baby Shower Gift (8mm beads in presentation box)

Looking for the perfect small baby shower gift?

The AWARD WINNING BABY BONDING BRACELET is the darling yet emotionally powerful bracelet for new Mums and Mums to be. The Baby Bonding Bracelet scooped a 2016 Silver Award in the 6th annual ‘Janey Loves’ Platinum Awards for natural living.

This pretty semi-precious stone bracelet is lovingly crafted from natural Rose Quartz – comprising rose quartz beads and a delicate rose quartz heart. Not chosen by accident, this stone is traditionally thought to empower a loving bond between the wearer and those around her.

It will give Mum greater self-confidence for feeding and nurturing and develop a deepening intense love between her and Baby.

The bracelet is also highly practical. Switch from one wrist to the other to remind Mum which side baby nursed from last.

The AWARD WINNING Baby Bonding Bracelet is beautifully crafted from natural Rose Quartz. This semi -precious stone is known to evoke greater love and affection
Believed to protect Mum during pregnancy and childbirth. Rose Quartz is also known as the most powerful of fertility gemstones
Perfect as an original pregnancy gift or small baby shower gifts, or as a unique present for any of your loved ones at anytime
Highly practical for busy, exhausted new mums – switch wrists to remind where baby nursed last

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