Rich Tory Donors Pay Ben Bradley's Legal Bills Over Corbyn Spy Tweet

Rich Tory donors have stepped in to pay MP Ben Bradley’s legal costs after false claims that Jeremy Corbyn collaborated with cold war spies landed him in hot water. 

Businessmen David Brownlow and Sir Mick Davis handed the Conservative Party vice-chairman for youth £15,000, meaning the five-figure sum Bradley agreed to donate to charity will not come out of his pocket. 

A Labour source confirmed that a five-figure sum has been split between a food bank and a homeless charity, and added: “How nice for Ben Bradley to have such generous benefactors.” 

Brownlow’s net worth is estimated at £215m. He co-founded a regulatory and compliance advice company called Huntswood in 1996.

Sir Mick, meanwhile, is chief executive of the Conservative Party. He was formerly chief executive of Xstrats plc, a…

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