Review: Journey to Infinity: Escher’s World of Wonder in Singapore

By Lynn Wee

The M.C. Escher’s World of Wonder exhibition has made its Southeast Asia debut at the ArtScience Museum in Marina Bay Sands on Sept 24. 

(Unfamiliar with the Dutch artist and his world renowned enigmatic sketches and paradoxical designs? Find out more about him here.)  

Escher’s works have been celebrated by both the artistic and scientific communities for his extraordinary ability to depict infinite worlds.

Young Parents popped by to see what the hype is about, and the galleries featuring Escher’s 150 original masterpieces certainly did not disappoint  especially when we discovered a myriad of projects, dazzling installations and games.

Preschoolers would love the hands-on fun, while the different learning projects might help primary schoolers understand maths…

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