Remember When You Thought You Had It Bad…

Do you remember? Remember when you thought you had it bad?

When your food got cold because you had spent too long trying to get a good Instagram shot of it?

When your favourite TV series finished and you screamed in agony because you didn’t know what to do with yourself until the next season aired?

When the drilling noise from your neighbours house woke you up far too early in the morning, on a WEEKEND?

When the fireworks kept you awake all night on Guy Fawkes Night?

Except now you would welcome those scenarios back into your life with open arms because…

Now your food gets cold and colder still as you battle with your child to finish their meal.

Now you don’t have time to watch the latest season of Game of Thrones, you are too busy being forced to sing along with Barney the Dinosaur.

Now your child wakes you up by jumping on top of you at ridiculous o’clock, on the WEEKEND!

Now your child’s teething wails or mid slumber kicks keep you up all night.

Do you remember? Remember when you thought you had it bad?

When you overspent on online shopping, because you spent hours scrolling through ASOS?

When you were too embarrassed to still have to ask your parents for bus fare?

When you cried because your parents didn’t want to buy you another gold fish, after what happened to the last one?

When you fell sick and had to be taken care of by your mother, as she smothered you with home made remedies?

Except now you would gladly relive those moments because…

Now you realise all your money is going into buying nappies and clothes that little children grow out of a second after they are bought.

Now you come to realise the cost of education and could do with all the extra pennies/fils.

Now you have to take care of a little human being, one that actually talks back at you!

Now you have to take care of your sick child whilst also suffering a high fever and vomiting bouts yourself.

Do you remember? Remember when you thought you had it bad?

When you spilt hot chocolate on your favourite dress and you were distraught…

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