Rachel Parris Talks Piers Morgan, 'The Mash Report' And Sudden Internet Fame

It’s no exaggeration to say that if you’ve been on Facebook or Twitter in the past three weeks, you’ve probably seen Rachel Parris.

The video titled ‘How Not To Sexually Harass Someone’, featuring a comedian with a smile reaching from ear to ear, offering an answer to “what could possibly be wrong with spanking a colleague”? That’s Rachel.

Or perhaps you saw Piers Morgan kicking off about a cartoon that depicted him in a, shall we say, very friendly position with Donald Trump. The comedian who presented that drawing to the UK, at just gone 10pm on BBC Two? Also Rachel.

She’s been performing comedy for eight years, and improv shows for 10, but her involvement in BBC Two’s ‘The Mash Report’ has led to a swift change of pace and sudden internet fame, with one clip from the show – the aforementioned harassment sketch – clocking up over 26 million views.

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