Pumpkin Baby Teething Gloves x2 | Best Self Soothing Baby Teether Toy | Pair of Hand Mitts/Mittens | Pain Relief for Sore Gums | BPA Free Silicone | Suitable for 3-12 Months | Suitable for 6 months | Instantly Less Irritable Happy Content Baby

The Pumpkin Baby Teething Mittens will change the way your baby responds to teething pain forever!


Unlike other competitors, Pumpkin Mittens come as a PAIR so that your baby will never be ’empty-handed’. Our amazing mittens allow your baby to self-soothe whilst keeping their hands saliva-free!

The Pumpkin Mittens take away all traditional teether problems with one pair of easy to use mittens. Prepare to be blown away with a teether that’s second to none!


Are teething pains making your baby irritable? Are your baby’s hands dry from being chewed and dribbled on? Are traditional teethers just not doing the job? Our team at Pumpkin are revolutionising the teether market; our awesome new mittens will keep your baby safe from scratches, prevent saliva irritating their skin and stop nasty sores from thumb sucking!

The results are astounding; an instantly happier, less cranky and independent baby!


Time to revolutionise the world of teething! Using the latest BPA Free Silicone, available in three eye-catching colours and with specially designed sensory ‘crinkle’ material, this product is guaranteed to keep your baby engaged and entertained! No more lost teething toys! With an adjustable velcro strap, our comfortable teether stays safely and securely on your baby’s hand.

Get the Results Your Baby Needs Today!


We at Pumpkin entered a market saturated with products but focused only on bringing you proven, premium products, that work! With our machine washable design, your new mittens maintain their effectiveness while staying free of any nasties!

Don’t just take our word for it, Amazon customers love the Pumpkin Mittens! Click add to basket now and buy your baby the only teething toy they’ll ever need!

STYLISH AND PRACTICAL Fall in love with your new Pumpkin Baby Teething Mittens and never leave your baby “empty handed”. Unlike other competitors, the Pumpkin Baby Teething Mittens always come as a pair. Whether your tot likes to chew both their hands, or one is in the wash, you’ll never be without this essential teething toy! Customers agree the usefulness is amazing! Amazon customers just can’t get enough of our stylish, practical and excellent value offer!
LET YOUR BABY TAKE CONTROL OF THEIR TEETHING Finally! A teething toy which is intuitive to use without compromising on hygiene, quality or comfort. Your baby will thank you for their new super practical mittens which ingeniously tap into their natural instinct to chew on their hands. Perfect for babies who can’t hold traditional teethers, its fantastic slimline design makes it perfect to slip into your baby bag and take with you on the go!
GET YOUR BABY SMILING AGAIN Get your baby self soothing in style! Great relief for teething pains and face-scratching while also helping to prevent thumbsucking sores; your baby will feel the effects instantly! Our mittens fit better than any other brand in the market. The Pumpkin Baby Teething Mittens gives great instant comfort for your baby, paving the way to happier, less irritable and independent babies. Your baby will feel the remarkable quality and immediate comfort of their new mittens!
SAY BYE BYE TO HIDDEN NASTIES Your life-changing new mittens are machine washable, so you can guarantee that your baby’s teethers are clean and mould-free! The BPA free silicone keeps your little one’s hands dry and protects from saliva. Stitched with careful precision and an adjustable velcro strap, your new mittens are secure yet comfortable on your baby’s hand. We would never compromise on the quality of our products, your mittens are carefully constructed and designed to last.
GET READY TO JOIN THE PUMPKIN PRODUCTS FAN CLUB Our first class product is matched by our first class customer sertive of you! Us parents deserve the very best care, so we’re super passionate about looking after you, our loyal customers! We treat our customers like family, so if you ever feel you haven’t got the very best, we’ll give you your MONEY BACK! Add the Pumpkin Teething Mitten to your cart now and experience the Pumpkin customer experience phenomenon!

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