Pregnancy Shaming

We have fat shaming, slut shaming, mum shaming, body shaming and who knew but there is even pregnancy shaming. It seems there will always be someone there to attack your insecurities, and this is normally done with the whole wide world watching. With the unkind keyboard warriors on social media, some even justify their harsh comments as being in the best intention for the receiver, a gentle push in the right direction.

When Kim Kardashian was pregnant, every day for nine months there was an update about her supposed weight gain. Who cares she is carrying a whole person in there! It is the same if a celebrity doesn’t lose their baby weight in two days flat. All eyes are on them to snap back into shape. When it is the last thing on your mind once you have given birth, celeb or not. This then filters down to everyday mums like you and me. There is an unspoken pressure when you are pregnant to go give birth, and then be back in your skinny jeans for when you get home to watch the catch up of Tipping Point the same day. It just does not work like that, your body does not work like that, and that is just one thing of many that pregnant mum/ new mums are shamed for.


Some with say my bump was too small, or too big but how does one measure the correct size bump? Like bodies, and babies, we are all different and we are not meant to all look the same. We are not going to carry a baby in the same way either. If mum is happy, the baby is healthy that’s all that matters surely? Is there really a need to come up to someone and comment on their appearance just because they are pregnant? Would we go up to someone we haven’t seen in a while to say how big they looked? Probably not. Or if you are doing anything to keep in shape? (FYI No, running around after a toddler is pretty much an exercise regime in itself).

This also works the other way, when you can then get told you are doing too much, and that you are too thin. I am sure you have all seen the stories of the many weightlifting pregnant mums, still competing in the…

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