Pregnancy Around The World: The Average Age Women Become First-Time Mothers Revealed

A map recording the average age women become mums shows how much motherhood journeys differ around the world.

The ages of first-time mums from 141 countries in the study range from 18 to 31.2 years, with the oldest ages being more common in Greece, Australia and South Korea.

The youngest first-time mothers were more common in Angola (south Africa), Bangladesh and Niger. The United Kingdom sat near the top of the list, with an average age of 27.8.


Chartmix created the infographic using data from three sources: the CIA World Factbook, UNICEF and China’s Sixth Nationwide Census.

The average age for women to become pregnant for the first time in Italy, France, Canada, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, and the United Kingdom was 27 or…

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