Poxclin Cool Mousse for Children with Chickenpox 100ml

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PoxClin CoolMousse has been developed to relieve the symptoms of chickenpox over large surfaces. Spreading thick substances such as creams and ointments can result in bursting the blisters. The CoolMousse is easy to spread causing little to no friction over the sensitive areas. The CoolMousse delivers an instant cooling effect to the skin, which alleviates the itch considerably. It can be applied as many times as needed in order to keep the itch under control. PoxClin contains 2QR, a Bio-Active Bacterial Blocker. This blocker helps your child’s skin’s natural immune system by blocking harmful bacteria. The bacterial blocker in PoxClin is a polysaccharide derived from the Aloe Barbadensis plant. It blocks harmful bacteria from the environment and therefore helps to protect the skin from their attack. This, unlike most antibiotics and antiseptics is a completely natural process and does not involve harsh, toxic chemicals. 2QR is the safe alternative to antiseptics and antibiotics. Advantages of PoxClin CoolMousse and 2QR:- No harsh chemicals or toxic substances – Blocks harmful bacteria and microbes from causing infections – Prevents scar tissue formation – No negative impact on the body’s own cells – Accelerates natural healing process – Does not provoke resistance – No negative side-effects – Non-toxic – Instant cooling effect for immediate relief of chickenpox symptoms – Can be used on damaged and scratched skin PoxClin CoolMousse – promotes healing and prevents scarringRelieves the symptoms of chickenpox
Direct cooling and soothing effect
Instant itch relief
Contains natural ingredients

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