Pornhub's AgeID Age Verification Tool Unveiled For The UK

Mindgeek, the owner of Pornhub, has unveiled an online age verification tool which it is calling AgeID.

The technology will be used across all of its sites as a response to a new law in the UK that, starting in April, will require all adult websites to verify the age of those visiting them.

filistimlyanin via Getty Images
It’s not yet clear what AgeID will look like but we do know that it will require users to securely login to each site.

Once the The Digital Economy Act 2017 is implemented, all those wishing to view their sites in the UK will be asked to “Verify my Age” using its AgeID login. According to Mindgeek AgeID is a one-time verification that once confirmed will allow the person to visit any subsequent website that uses AgeID without having to re-confirm their age.

It’s not actually clear how AgeID will confirm a person’s age but the company claims that it will use “regulator approved methodology” to issue a simple “pass” or “fail” to the visitor.

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