Popular Baby Names: Northern Ireland's Top 10 Names From 2015 Revealed

Northern Ireland’s top baby names of 2015 have been revealed.

James was the most popular name for boys, for the first time since reporting by the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency began in 1997.

The name, which was given to 300 babies, knocked Jack off the top spot, which it had held for the past 12 years.

Emily was the most popular girls’ name for the second year in the row, with 233 babies given the name.


The most popular girls’ name stayed the same from 2014

The rest of the top 10 boys’ names didn’t sway too far from last year. The only two new entries were Matthew (number 11 in 2014) and Jake (number 13 in 2014).

New entries in the top 100 for boys included Jackson, Arthur, Conan, Joe, Ciaran, Eli, Daithi, Seth, Owen and…

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