Poor Student Admissions To Top Universities Could Rise By Half If They Entry Requirements Were Lowered

Hundreds more poor students could be admitted to the UK’s top universities if entry requirements for these youngsters were dropped by two A-level grades, according to research.

A new study suggests that, if institutions lowered their offers for disadvantaged pupils, the numbers gaining places on these degree courses could rise by 50%. 

The research, published by the Sutton Trust, looked at the use of “contextual admissions” at 30 of the UK’s most selective universities – those that have the highest entry requirements, the Press Association reports.

Olga_Anourina via Getty Images
Fewer than 5% of Oxford students came from areas where few people went to university, the Sutton Trust found

“Contextual admissions” means that that institution takes into account a potential student’s background, such as the school they attended, or whether they were eligible for free lunches, when deciding who to make offers to. 

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