Police Investigating Two Boys Shot With 1 Bullet Criticise Lack Of Community Help


Police comb the scene for clues after a double shooting at a Halloween party in Birmingham

Police have not received a single call from the public with information about an “outrageous” drive-by shooting in which two teenagers were shot with one bullet outside a children’s Halloween Party.

Five days have passed since the doorstep shooting and police are still mystified as to a motive. The wall of silence has prompted West Midlands Police to re-appeal for information after the two boys, aged 14 and 15, were hit by the single round which went through one of the boys before lodging in the other’s stomach.

The shooting, involving what police believed to be a “powerful” firearm, happened at 8.15pm on Friday night in the Handsworth area of Birmingham.

Detective Superintendent Maria Fox, of West Midlands Police, said the incident had “crossed the line”, and she expected people within the criminal fraternity to have come forward anonymously with the names of those responsible.

She said: “We’ve received very little information following our appeals so as well as being an outrageous incident, actually the public response to it has not really met with the expectations that I had.”

She added: “My expectations were when they heard two children had been shot outside a family party in Handsworth that would create a reaction or response in the community, whether from the criminal community or law-abiding community.

“My expectation is that actually that sort of incident has crossed the line so I would have expected calls from every part of the community.”

Both youngsters were standing on the doorstep of a relatives’ house where the party was being held, having knocked on the front door moments before.

The victims, who are cousins, have both since undergone surgery and are currently in a serious but stable condition in hospital.

It is understood they were not specifically targeted and the shooting may have been a…

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