Pierre Fabre Dexeryl Cream 250g

Dexeryl Cream helps the signs and symptoms of xerosis associated with atopic dermatitis and ichthyosis.Dexeryl cream, an emollient and moisturising cream from Pierre Fabre Dermatologie was launched in 2008.It is specifically for the treatment of signs and symptoms of skin dryness (xerosis) expecially in various skin diseases (such as atopic dermatitis, ichtyosis).It has been shown to be effective but, importantly, patients significantly prefer using Dexeryl.Patients’ general consensus*:- 29.2% perceived improvement with gelified glycerol.- 60% saw significant improvement with Dexeryl.*Comparative study on 65 patients with ichthyosis. Comparison Dexeryl vs gelified glycerol.Reasons for choosing Dexeryl:- Easy to apply.- Quick absorption.- Cutaneous comfort.- Fragrance-free.Do not use if you are allergic to parabens (E216).Pierre Fabre Dexeryl

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